Auto Repair Technician

Career Outlook

Your New Career
Millions of automobile owners rely on trained Auto Repair Technicians to keep them on the go. And since virtually every car breaks down sooner or later, there is always a demand for men and women with the right skills. Train at home and get the skills you need to start a new career and take advantage of the great opportunities in this field.

  • Earn your Career Diploma at home in as little as one year by studying just an hour a day for your new career.
  • Start your own business. Your course will teach you important skills you can use to open your own Auto Repair shop.

Your New Skills
You'll learn every important part of being an Auto Repair Technician.

  • This program teaches you everything, from simple tune-ups to advanced troubleshooting techniques.
  • You'll learn the basics of engine construction and operation.
  • You'll learn about major automobile systems, including transmissions, electrical systems, and computerized engine controls.
  • You'll get preparation for certification exams on major systems such as brakes, suspension and steering, manual drive train and axles, and more!**