Freelance Writer

Career Outlook

Your New Career
When you complete your program, you'll know you have the skills for the job.

  • Earn your Career Diploma at home in as little as nine months by studying just an hour a day for your new career.
  • Pursue a freelance career working from home, or anywhere you take your laptop. Or transfer to one of many communications-related jobs in the business world.
  • Jobs with newspapers, business and professional journals, and technical and trade magazines are widely dispersed throughout the country.

Your New Salary
Thousands of individuals work as freelance writers, earning income from their articles, books, and less commonly, television and movie scripts. Employment of salaried writers and editors for newspapers, periodicals, book publishers, and nonprofit organizations is expected to increase. Both print and online publications and services increasingly are developing market niches, spurring the demand for writers and editors. Projected job openings for writers are expected to increase by nearly 15% through 2018.*

Your New Skills
You'll learn every important part of being a Freelance Writer. Apply the skills you learn in your training program diligently for a successful and secure future. You'll learn how to:

    • Generate ideas for articles
    • Understand specialized markets
    • Write a query letter
    • Understand the copyright laws
    • Utilize the full potential of the Internet
    • Get commissions and assignments
    • And much more!

*Growth figures represent a ten-year period ending 2018. Source: “National Industry-Occupation Employment Matrix,” a publication of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.