Student Testimonials

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“After finishing the program, I enhanced my resume and four months ago, I joined an International NGO, where I now earn double the amount I used to. I enjoyed the flexibility of paying my tuition. Through monthly payments, I found it easier to settle my financial obligation.”
J. Opira, Uganda

“Because of the Penn Foster education I had received, I am now starting to build my personal web site. And because of the web site I started to build, some of my competitors are now considering a Penn Foster education. When I applied at Penn Foster Career School for the Web design program I knew I had to give my best in order to get the best outcomes possible. But I never thought by doing so I would develop an autonomous attitude which would serve me for the rest of my life. Consequently, I have the confidence to be successful and the strong will to stay competitive. But most importantly, I know I can achieve anything if I work hard at it. A Penn Foster education was very convenient for me, affordable and efficient. At this point, there is no doubt I had chosen the right path. I most certainly will apply for another program at Penn Foster.”
N. Benjamin, Haiti

“I have done numerous technical courses, but Penn Foster offers one of the best programs I have ever pursued. My confidence level is high, and Penn Foster gave me all the information I needed to be successful.”
D. Robb, Jamaica

“After taking my program, I am one of the most sought after PC repair technicians in my village.”
I. Kafui De-Fiattor, Ghana

“Six months after starting the Hotel Restaurant Management program I received a promotion. Knowledge is Power! Enrolling in Penn Foster is one of the best personal achievements. You do your studies on your own time and you can still work. With support from family and friends that achievement goes even further.”
M. Jones-Marsh, Antigua

“After completing my program, I am now in a new organization as the Creative Development and Production Manager. The Web Page Designer Program is a very good program and it is structured in a way that encourages you to learn. I was also very impressed with the student services and how they responded to any queries that I had.”
S. McEwan, Jamaica

“After graduating from Penn Foster High School, many career paths were opened for me. But instead of starting a new job, I preferred to continue my studies. With my Penn Foster High School Diploma I got enrolled in one of the leading universities in Malaysia to study Business Administration. I am very much satisfied with the student and teacher interactions. Any time I wanted help, they were there to help me. I got my assignments checked on time and they really were checked thoroughly.”
H. Anwer, Pakistan

“After completion of my degree, my company promoted me and also increased my salary. In my program the lessons were so easy to understand. I really enjoyed my program. Penn Foster is so well-known for education that it’s the only school I considered applying to.”
Y. Tabassum, Pakistan

“I strongly encourage people to enroll in this program. You will be glad you did. It's a very informative and easy to understand program. Even if you don't know the definition of interior decoration, you will end up a professional with this program. Trust me, I've been there! I have enjoyed my time with Penn Foster. Despite the distance between America and Nigeria, I didn't feel it at all because of the prompt responses I got.”
O. Agboola, Nigeria

“Because of my Penn Foster education, I got a nice job offer that pays me three times my current salary. I have more confidence in my work due to the skills I have learned through Penn Foster. I pass my warm regards to the student service staff and instructors for the advice and support they offered me. Please keep that spirit.”
G. Patrick, United Arab Emerates