Pharmacy Technician

Career Outlook

Your New Career

Pharmacy Technician is one of the fastest growing careers in health care. As a trained Pharmacy Technician, you can work for a retail pharmacy, a hospital, your local druggist, or at one of the many in-store pharmacies in supermarkets. Assist the pharmacist with the everyday duties of running a pharmacy. Pharmacy Technicians enjoy varied assignments, flexible working hours, respect, and prestige. When you become a trained Pharmacy Technician, you'll discover plenty of opportunities in the various types of pharmacies and drug dispensing work sites.

With your knowledge of major drug manufacturers and their products and how those products are prescribed for medical conditions of patients, you'll have a better chance of getting a better job. You'll be skilled in drug preparation and dispensing; measurements, ration and proportion, calculation of doses, and percentage preparations, all under the supervision of a Pharmacist. Jobs for Pharmacy Technicians are expected to increase nearly 31% through 2018.*

Your New Skills

Learn clinical responsibilities like preparing prescribed medication, creating labels, and keeping the pharmacy in order. Also, gain practical information, such as major drug manufacturers and their products, and using common reference sources of drug information. Learn medical terminology, so you'll have an understanding of medical conditions of the patient and indications for drug use. Gain the basic chemistry and arithmetic skills needed to assist the pharmacy in preparing and dispensing drugs.

You'll get the knowledge you need for every part of being a Pharmacy Technician.
  • Sharpen your arithmetic skills. Learn all about pharmaceutical calculations used in drug preparation and dispensing, including systems of measurement, ratio and proportion, and percentages.
  • Get the clinical knowledge you need. Learn all about today's most common prescription and over-the-counter drugs, how they should be taken, and possible drug reactions and interactions.
  • Enhance your ability to handle emergency situations. Learn about adverse drug reactions and what to do in an emergency resulting from a wrong dose, overdose, or accidental drug or poison ingestion.

Your New Diploma

Earn your Pharmacy Technician Career Diploma at home in as little as nine months by studying just an hour a day for your new career. Expert instructors and support staff – dedicated to helping you complete your coursework – will be just a phone call or an email away.

* Growth figures represent a ten-year period ending 2018. Source: "National Industry-Occupation Employment Matrix," a publication of The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.